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Performance which provides the missing link.

To see which way the wind’s blowing, take account of globalisation, set new trends in the sector, have the courage to make the move from straightforward supplier to full-service provider, integrate IT in all processes, link the flow of goods with the flow of information - these were the ambitious goals which Bamberg entrepreneurs Heribert Trunk and Claus Huttner had in mind when they launched BI-LOG GmbH in 1989.

Professionalism, unbounded innovation and creativity have been the characteristics invested in the ongoing optimisation of benefits for clients and customers and the continual expansion of the range of services. In this, the 30th year of the company’s existence, there are four independent companies under the umbrella of the BI-LOG Service Group GmbH, namely BI-LOG Gesellschaft für Logistik und Informationsmanagement mbH and BI-LOGconnect GmbH. They work together, adopting an integrated and cross-sector approach to end-to-end sales processes, from identifying and meeting customer requirements right through to customer service and customer retention.